Joining the CEPU SA is simple and straight forward.

Simply give us a call on (08) 8234 2130 for friendly assistance from our Admin team.

Or, you can download the appropriate forms provided below, fill out and send back to CEPU SA by mail to: 312 South Road Richmond SA 5033, by fax on: (08) 8352 1711 or by email to:

Alternatively, leave your name and contact details in the contact form on the bottom of this page (in the red section) and we will call you.

Contribution rates 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2019

Contribution rates 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018

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Direct Debit Form – Apprentice

Direct Debit Form – Trades

Direct Debit Form – Trades Assistant

Credit Card Authority form

Fortnightly Payroll deduction form or Monthly Payroll Deduction form

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